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Menschen im Aufwind

Viele Menschen unterstützen die Initiative für Kärnten. Unser Dank gilt allen, die sich engagieren und zum Aufwind in Kärnten beitragen.

Chun Wai (Steven) Yu

Einkaufsleiter Esto Lighting GmbH

Rolle: Unterstützer

Aktiv für: Gesellschaft

Statement zum Aufwind

From my perspective as a Hongkonger, Carinthia is a place full of joy – From the mountain tops to the great lakes, people can enjoy the beautiful nature; from multi-national cooperations to innovative start-ups, people can enjoy their productive work life. Carinthia is not only the place for an excellent work-life balance, it also has a great infrastructure by acting as the gateway to the East. Carinthia is a place full of lives and opportunities. Together we are strong, with the technological background, we can make Kärnten prosper and create a sustainable future for many generations to come.

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