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Menschen im Aufwind

Viele Menschen unterstützen die Initiative für Kärnten. Unser Dank gilt allen, die sich engagieren und zum Aufwind in Kärnten beitragen.

James Brightman

Direktor der International School Carinthia (ISC)

Rolle: Projektinitiatoren

Aktiv für: Bildung

Statement zum Aufwind

I must admit that I had not heard of Carinthia before I received the offer to become the founding director of International School Carinthia (ISC). I came here to work with a motivated, dedicated board of stakeholders and progressive-minded educators to develop a public/private international school - the only one of its kind in Austria. Based on my conversations with the board at the start of the project, I thought ISC would only be interesting for expatriate employees living in Carinthia.

It has been a very pleasant surprise for all ISC stakeholders that so many Carinthians are interested in and supportive of ISC. After only three years, ISC has reached full enrollment with waiting lists, we have a dynamic international teaching team, and we are expanding to accommodate all the local students interested in our school. We also receive visitors from educators around Austria who want to see our program and hear our story firsthand.

All these experiences have given my family and me the opportunity to appreciate all of Carinthia's beauty, culture and hospitality. We thoroughly enjoy our quality of life here and the opportunity to experience three unique countries and cultures within minutes of each other. Carinthia is one of Europe's best kept secrets ripe for discovery.

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